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Frequently Asked Questions

Does FIt Butters ship?

Yes! FIt Butters does ship! We currently only ship within the United States. We ship 2-3 day USPS Priority Mail to ensure your FIt Butters arrive fresh!

Do FIt Butters need to be refrigerated?

FIt Butters are all-natural nut butters without any preservatives. You can refrigerate them to increase the life of the product, but it is NOT required. We recommend storing your FIt Butters in a pantry, where there is no direct light, at room temperature. If you do refrigerate the butter will harden (this happens with all natural butters) but once you take it out at room temperature it will soften again.

Do you list your macros?

Yes! Every product listing has the macros and fully disclosed nutrition panel listed.

What are the benefits of FIt Butters over the other butters on the market?

First, we hand roast all of our nuts in-house. This is a process that we can control which helps the overall flavor profile and texture. Second, we use healthy fats in the form of organic coconut oil, which naturally derives MCTs. MCTs are good fats with a plethora of benefits. We only use high quality protein sources from reputable brands. We fully disclose this information to you, so you can do your own research on the brand, the protein and the flavor.

How do you use FIt Butters?

There are multiple use occasions for our FIt Butters. You can eat it by the spoonful if you want! It is delicious on rice cakes, sprouted grain toast, in non-fat greek yogurt and so much more! Whatever your heart desires, try it!