FIt Butters Announces Strategic Transition and Brand Re-Fresh

FIt Butters Announces Strategic Transition and Brand Re-Fresh

FIt Butters Brand Refresh

MINNEAPOLIS, July 28, 2022 -- Just over two years since the brand launched, FIt Butters has announced they will be transitioning away from the collaboration efforts with sports nutrition brands on protein to their own flavoring system and IP to improve scalability.

The new strategic direction of FIt Butters will allow the brand to control their supply chain, create new innovative and exciting flavors and own their own flavoring systems. The new strategic direction will also come with a facelift as FIt Butters has debuted a new look that will rollout in late 2022.

"When we launched FIt Butters in 2020 we were producing upwards of 200-400 jars per day. Our strategic alignment with major sports nutrition brands on that amount of protein needed worked, and it worked well. We are greatly appreciative as a brand for those who partnered and grew with us," FIt Butters CEO Ryan Bucki said. "As we grew our needs became more and more causing stress on the brand's supply chain and protein availability putting us in a vulnerable spot with increased chances of stock outs and flavor unavailability."

"We are going to work with the premier flavoring house in the country to replicate or improve on our current flavors, using only high quality whey protein isolate or pea protein. This new strategic direction also eliminates the creative handcuffs we had by only being able to create flavors based what was on the current market," FIt Butters President Danielle Bucki said. "If we want to create a new, innovative flavor, we can do that without having to search for one, we just make it."

The transition from FIt Butters collaborative efforts to their own IP will take place over the next several months with 80% of the brand fully transitioned by January 1, 2023. Retailers and consumers will start to see the new packaging rollout into the market in Q3/Q4 2022.

About FIt Butters
FIt Butters are premium nut butters that promote a fit, healthy and active lifestyle. Whether you’re an athlete, a bodybuilder, a soccer mom or just someone who cares about their health and wellness, FIt Butters are for you. FIt Butters are formulated using a unique blend of nuts, flavors, textures, inclusions, healthy fats (coconut oil / MCT) and high-quality, complete protein sources. FIt Butters can be found at over 1,500 retail locations nationwide, online at, Amazon and


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