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About FIt Butters

FIt Butters was created for those who have cravings. For those who want to adhere to a healthy diet and lifestyle. For those who wanted something delicious and nutritious. FIt Butters was created for people like you and us. People who refuse to sacrifice flavor for benefits.

The FIt Butters brand you see today is the same FIt Butters brand we were back in April 2020 when we launched this brand during the middle of the COVID19 pandemic from the confines of our 1,000 square foot apartment in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

FIt Butters Vanilla Coconut Cashew Almond Butter

FIt Butters went from idea to brand to business in less than 10-days. Danielle and Ryan Bucki, in attempt to create healthy recipe content for their social media platforms, created their first nut butter ever on March 30th, 2020. This flavor, which later became known as Vanilla Coconut Cashew Almond, was the flagship product that launched FIt Butters into a legitimate business. 

That night Ryan went to bed and filed for the trademark for FIt Butters. He bought the website you're currently on today. He designed the logo.

When Danielle woke up at 4am the next morning Ryan was still awake on his iMac creating what would be known to the world as FIt Butters.

Over the course of the next week Danielle and Ryan created several new flavors including Rory's Cookie Monster Madness Cashew Butter, S'Mores Peanut Butter, Butterscotch Toffee Crunch and others that FIt Butters launched with when the website went live on April 7th, 2020.

First Production FIt Butters

For the first three months, Danielle and Ryan would drive two hours, each way several times a week, to a commercial kitchen in Eau Claire, Wisconsin to make your favorite FIt Butters by hand using Ninja Blenders or an immersion blender. The days were long and exhausting, and both Danielle and Ryan worked full-time jobs in addition to FIt Butters. Danielle was a registered nurse and Ryan an entrepreneur.

FIt Butters were made at the kitchen over 2-hours away and hauled back to Minneapolis to their small 2-bedroom apartment where they would ship all the orders from their center island in their kitchen. While many would have been deterred and given up, Danielle and Ryan kept on going. 

In June 2020, Danielle and Ryan moved the production of FIt Butters into a GMP certified, FDA approved facility in Northeast Minneapolis. This move allowed FIt Butters to produc

Vitamin Shoppe Launch

e more nut butters, still in small batches of 100 at a time, but at a more efficient and steady pace. 

For the next six months Danielle and Ryan continued to go and produce nut butters several times a week, all the while maintaining full-time jobs and with the expectation of their first child together.

In January 2021, Danielle and Ryan finally got to step back from production and hire an amazing team to help out with the production as they focused on growing the business. Shortly after the two welcomed in their first child together.

In January 2021 FIt Butters also received a contract from The Vitamin Shoppe for a national launch in the summer of 2021. That included five flavors at over 720 retail locations nationwide. FIt Butters also received a commitment from Hy-Vee Grocery to carry three flavors of FIt Butters at all stores in the Midwest.

FIt Butters Family

As the brand continued to grow, both Danielle and Ryan took on more and more responsibility, still maintaining their full-time jobs and being parents to Aurora and Charlotte.

In August 2021 FIt Butters launched in all Harmon Grocery stores in Utah.

FIt Butters also participated in their first Olympia event in October 2021 where they had a constant line all weekend long.

Quickly in 2022 the team realized that there needed to be full-time bodies on the brand. Ryan was running the business day-to-day. In March 2022 Danielle finally left her position as a full-time RN to help run FIt Butters full-time.

Shortly after the change, FIt Butters launched into all Lunds & Byerlys Grocery stores in Minnesota.

FIt Butters is the only nut butter brand on the planet to disclose the brand, source and flavor of protein being used in our nut butters. All nut butters are made in small batches of 100 jars at a time. Each jar starts with dry roasted nuts and premium coconut oil. Every jar is infused with a high quality, name-brand whey protein or plant-based protein. Finally, all jars are topped off with a name-brand inclusion like Oreo, Reese's or M&Ms.

Today FIt Butters can be found in over 1,200 retail locations, online at Amazon and Walmart as well as