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About Us

FIt Butters was created from the team at Fitness Informant to provide a nut butter alternative to the market that promotes a fit, healthy and active lifestyle. FIt Butters are formulated using a unique blend of nuts, flavors, textures, inclusions, healthy fats (coconut oil / MCT) and high quality protein sources.

FIt Butters are the ONLY nut butters on the market that tells you exactly what BRAND and FLAVOR of high quality protein is used in the nut butters. FIt Butters has partnered with some of the world's premier sports nutrition brands to provide the highest quality protein possible in a nut butter.

FIt Butter Benefits:

  • ALL nuts roasted in-house
  • HIGHEST quality protein sources
  • HEALTHY fats from nuts and coconut oil
  • FRIENDLY macros for the fitness loving lifestyle
  • EVERY jar created with love and care from FIt Butters
Ryan Bucki and Danielle Kramer

The minds behind FIt Butter are Fitness Informant Founder and CEO Ryan Bucki, and Danielle Kramer, a Fitness Informant representative focusing on baking and culinary experiences.

Ryan Bucki started Fitness Informant in 2016 when he discovered a need in the marketplace for education around fitness, nutrition and supplementation. Since the launch of Fitness Informant, Ryan has created many relationships in the dietary supplement industry with some of the brightest minds and most well-respected people in the space.

Ryan also spent time in consumer packaged goods for General Mills. Ryan was a Brand Manager on the natural and organic brand Cascadian Farms. Ryan was responsible for new product innovation, which included managing a team of 20+ people across multiple roles to ideate, create and execute new products into the marketplace. During his time at Cascadian Farms, Ryan was responsible for the launch of 12 new products, including nut butter based vegan protein bars.

Danielle Kramer is a registered nurse by day and a fitness enthusiast by life. Danielle sees first-hand everyday what the lack of health education and fitness participation does to the human body, their quality of life and the loved ones around them. Danielle's goal is in inspire and help as many people as possible make better decisions when it comes to their health, fitness and nutrition.

Danielle is also a NPC Figure Competitor. Danielle last competed in 2018 where she placed 2nd. Danielle has plans to continue her competitive fitness career into the future.

Together Ryan and Danielle want to create delicious and nutritious nut butters that are macro-friendly for those who put their health as a top priority. Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring. FIt Butters is injecting the joy back into healthy eating.