FIt Butters and We Are Nuts Enter Into Partnership

FIt Butters Poised for National Expansion Through Partnership with We Are Nuts

FIt Butters and We Are Nuts Enter Into A Partnership

MINNEAPOLIS, January 27, 2021 -- Within the first year of existence, FIt Butters has secured a partnership with nationally known nut producer We Are Nuts to expand production and distribution.

The newly formed partnership between FIt Butters and We Are Nuts ensures FIt Butters will remain self-manufactured in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With over 50 years of production experience, We Are Nuts provides FIt Butters with the production capabilities to keep up with their hyper-growth in 2021 which includes national distribution deals with Vitamin Shoppe and Hy-Vee grocery stores.

“Since day one our goal has been to create the best tasting, healthiest nut butters, infused with protein and healthy fats, while never losing focus of who we are and who we serve,” says FIt Butters CEO and Owner Ryan Bucki. “We learned very quickly that our products were going to be demanded at a national level through national retailers and online sales channels. We didn’t want a strategic partner to help us take this brand to where we wanted to go; we wanted a strategic family. Michael Burt and the entire Burt family supported our mission from the very beginning, quickly becoming users of the products themselves. We are thrilled to expand our family to include everyone involved at the wonderful organization We Are Nuts. Through this newly formed family we will be able to increase our production output to accommodate our rapid growth and expansion without compromising the integrity of our wonderful products.”

“We Are Nuts about FIt Butters!” says We Are Nuts CEO and Owner Michael Burt.  “Since our initial introduction as an exclusive vendor to FIt Butters, I have admired the relentless determination Ryan and his team have carried bringing their absolutely spectacular product to market.  FIt Butters hasn’t missed a step delivering on innovative nut butters, a health focus for all ages and active types, as well as a customer centric commitment in all that they do.  As witness to its compounding successes at every turn, the Burt Boys and the entire We Are Nuts family were thrilled to invest in and become partners with the FIt Butters family.  Now armed with our 50+ years of production expertise and endless capacity, FIt Butters can fully realize the rapid growth to national distribution, while maintaining the handmade, small batch quality that is central to our culture and the incredible products we deliver on.”

FIt Butters gained popularity in the health and fitness industry becoming the only nut butter on the planet to disclose the brand, source and flavor of protein powder being used in their nut butters. Strategic partnerships with nationally known brands like NutraBio, Nutrex Research, Core Nutritionals and the Ambrosia Collective separated FIt Butters from other health-focused nut butters. This unique value proposition, product quality and flavor earned the brand national distribution at over 700 corporate Vitamin Shoppe locations and at over 240 Hy-Vee grocery locations in 2021.

About FIt Butters
FIt Butters are premium nut butters that promote a fit, healthy and active lifestyle. Whether you’re an athlete, a bodybuilder, a soccer mom or just someone who cares about their health and wellness, FIt Butters are for you. FIt Butters are formulated using a unique blend of nuts, flavors, textures, inclusions, healthy fats (coconut oil / MCT) and high-quality, complete protein sources from nationally known sports nutrition companies. FIt Butters is the only nut butter brand on the planet to disclose the brand, source and flavor of protein being used in each of their products. FIt Butters products can be found at over 250 retail locations nationwide, online at and at Amazon.

About We Are Nuts
We Are Nuts!  Since 1967, We Are Nuts has been the ultimate craft roaster of prized handmade and small batch nuts sourced direct from farms around the world.  This multi-generation family company tirelessly produces the highest quality of both classic and creative flavor-forward creations at the best prices that its massive fan base has come to expect.   Today you will find its products everywhere locally throughout Minnesota in retail stores, distributed through food service companies to bars and restaurants across the Midwest, nationally through fundraising programs and of course online.  If you haven’t yet had one of its Grain Free Granolas, Hokey Pokeys or Toffee Nuts products…. then apparently You Are Nuts! Buy We Are Nuts at , at the company’s main retail stores in NE Minneapolis and Midway in St Paul, or ask for it at your local Grocery Store/Coop or favorite Bar/Restaurant.


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