Easter Egg Protein Balls

Easter Egg Protein Balls

When people speak about fitness and wanting to eat healthy, people always start with making sure you are getting your protein. Protein balls are always an easy, on the go snack for a good, yummy source of protein. Why not twist it up and with a fun, healthier holiday treat for Easter? FIt Butters presents Easter Egg Protein Balls featuring Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough FIt Butter

This recipe came from my Mama Kramer who makes these as plain protein balls on the regular. My dad and brother who really are not fitness and health food oriented, LOVE THESE. They don't last the day in the house. They are really that good! We have to give credit where credit is due, so thank you mama for the fun, delicious recipe!

Whether you are bringing this to a family event, making them for your family at home, or for yourself to enjoy as a treat for the week! Adding a few sprinkles to add some color and fun to your day is a must. Instead of the typical nut butter my mother always used to use in this recipe, we featured the one and only Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough FIt Butter. This makes them even more flavorful! Simple ingredients all balled up into an Egg for the perfect Easter creation. 

Nothing like a recipe from your mom's kitchen to make for a great treat or snack for the week! If you're searching for a healthy twist on a treat for yourself or your friends and family, the search is over! We have the TREAT for you!


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