FIt Butter Cookie Butter Chocolate Bars

FIt Butter Cookie Butter Chocolate Bars

As a brand, we try to give people an option to grab for that isn't the jar of ice cream in the freezer that will curb that sweet tooth. We asked our ambassadors to go to work and make some fun, healthy recipes using our FIt Butters to share.

Monika went to work! These bars are truly amazing. They are a twist on a homemade twix bar. Looking for a sweet to make at home to share or keep all to yourself? These are a fun one to try! Using our FIt Butter Cookie Butter flavor. Truly the perfect treat. You wouldn't believe how great these taste, better than the actual candy bar! But you couldn't expect less when using FIt Butters. Take along to a group get together or for an afternoon snack, these are perfect for any occasion. 

Enjoy these as a treat! To get the Cookie Butter to make these delicious bars, be sure to use Monika's code. Code: MONIKA10

This will give you 10% off the entire order from our website! 

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