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Fit Butters Birthday Cake cups

by Danielle Bucki on May 28, 2021

FIt Butters Birthday Cake Cups

Everyone loves themselves a Reese's PB cup! Personally, growing up. This is one of the two candy options I chose when going through the checkout line when my mom let us have a treat. We have all seen the many homemade Peanut Butter Cup recipes! These are great. I have nothing bad to say about these.

BUT!!!! We have come up with a unique twist using our FIt Butters in a recipe that allow for our cups to be flavored and not be PB and chocolate. Using flavored nut butters with inclusions as the prize in the middle make for an even more delightful, delicious treat! We are proud of how amazing these turned out. Remember you can sub any flavor of FIt Butters, your favorite, in for the center of the cups! Try this fun recipe out. 


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