FIt Butters Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Baked Oats

FIt Butters Baked Oats

One of the common uses of FIt Butters is to put it on top of your oats or cream of rice. What if we came up with a way to put your favorite FIt Butters flavor INSIDE your oats? Wait, does that sound any different than what you're currently doing? Yes, yes it does. Let us explain.

Baked Oats are a trend that many people are now doing. It ends up warm and delicious like a cake or cookie but with all the benefits of oats. Who doesn't love cutting a cake open or breaking a cookie in half and having ooey gooey goodness? That's where our FIt Butters came in.

We have created this delicious recipe featuring our Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cashew Almond Butter. After it is baked, it becomes a warm, delicious, healthy snack.

Struggling to find something to make for breakfast? Struggle no more. Check out this amazing recipe below!

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