FIt Butters Half Baked Kitchen Sink Protein Air Fryer Cookies

Have you ever had the Kitchen Sink Cookie from Panera? If you have not, it's absolutely amazing. It's this beautiful mix of sweet and salty! This is our protein FIt Butters twist of that cookie!

We use our sweet and salty Salted Caramel Pretzel Peanut Butter FIt Butters with some pretzel crisps with the option to add some coarse sea salt on top for this amazing protein half baked cookie recipe. They are delicious! You can use 2 eggs instead of the banana. The banana does add some banana flavor to the cookie, so if you don't love banana I would use 2 eggs! You can also use oat or all-purpose flour. Any flavor of protein powder will work, but we do recommend something not too crazy to overpower the flavor.

If you love the sweet and salty type of flavor profiles, this cookie recipe was made for you! Give this recipe a try. It is quick and easy using the air fryer! Can't wait for you to try it with my personal favorite FIt Butters!

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