FIt Butters Italian Rainbow Cookie Cheesecake Bites

FIt Butters Low Calorie Cheesecake Bites

An all time favorite in our household for desserts is cheesecake! There is no doubt that if you asked us what my favorite dessert was since I was 6 years old, it has always been cheesecake. It is my one guilty pleasure and indulgence that takes all my willpower to say no to when offered!

Well, here is a healthy alternative recipe to the typical cheese cake that still TASTES GREAT with a fun few twists to the typical recipe! While the classic graham cracker crust with butter is GREAT, we have a special treat for you! Instead of using butter, we have added our Italian Rainbow Cookie Almond Butter as a binder to hold the crust together! I am so impressed with how great this turned out. Imagine the almond, raspberry and chocolate notes of Italian Rainbow Cookie added to your crust of your cheesecake!

A few fun variations that you may want to try with this recipe that would still keep the calories and macros low and taste great! You can use coconut flakes or chopped almonds or pecans in the crust instead of the graham crackers crumbs if you would like. This will change the flavor profile, but tastes great! Also, can try different FIt Butter flavors to change the flavor of the entire dessert!

With holiday season coming, this a perfect dessert to bring to family and friend get togethers that is a healthy, but delicious treat to share! Try this recipe out for your get togethers and don't forget that Italian Rainbow Cookie Almond Butter FIt Butters releases Black Friday (November 26th, 2021) as a limited release! Be sure to get your hands on this one. It's unbelievably good and our first ever almond butter blend.

Enjoy this fun, healthy twist on a classic dessert favorite! No need to feel guilty for giving into those cravings for cheesecake with this recipe! We are excited for you to try this recipe out for yourselves.

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